Monday, 10 October 2011

Swim the Fly Summary and Review

I have recently finished reading the book Swim The Fly by Don Calame.

Swim the Fly's story mainly revolves around three friends who have set a summertime goal to see a real live naked girl. The story is told from Matt's perspective and therefore is mainly based around him. Matt and his two friends, Sean and Coop, are also part of a swim team. I won't go into too many plot details but as the summer progresses the boys continuously get caught up in more and more trouble in their many adventures. They do accomplish their goal but with a twist.

Despite having a funny concept Swim the Fly isn't executed as well as it could have been. It has some funny moments but it gets quite repetitive and therefore drags on way past the 300 page mark. The plot is very predictable and as a result did not keep my interest in it's story. The characters aren't really that likable and I didn't find my self identifying with them. Chances are you'll really enjoy the book at first but be disappointed by the end. While it's an okay read for teenagers, there are certainly better reads available.

I give it a 5 out of 10.


  1. Good job on this summary, but I do have some questions. First, why is there a giant space below the picture? Just wondering :) Secondly, would this novel be suitable for girl readers? I was just wondering because it sounds like guy read from your summary. I like how you added the novel picture for a visual, really catches the readers attention. Overall well done! :)

  2. There is a guge space because T messed up when I added the image. I can't imagine that a girl would enjoy this much.

  3. Good summary; concise, doesn't give away too much, and gives the gist. I'll definitely check this book out. One little thing I'd work on is summarizing- combining points which are similar.

  4. I liked that you gave your honest opinion about the book not wanting it to sound like a good read even though it wasn't. You didn't want to give any huge details, making us hungry for more. You did a good job about telling us about the book without giving away too much. Over all it was a good blog post.
    P.S. I liked how you went back and answered megans question

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